#3 Roland CM-110

Detail Roland CM-110

Get the real feel and sound of your keyboard or electronic drums with the Roland CM-110 active monitor system. This 2.1 monitor system was designed specifically to work with electronic instruments. The full range speakers (25W each) give you clear, full audio and the subwoofer supports the bass frequencies. Your grand piano patches are full range, clear, and airy, and synth sounds will blow your socks off thanks to the 50W subwoofer. Electronic drums will finally be heard as they should be. The dual speakers will give you a stereo image of your kit that headphones just can’t produce and the su

Feature Roland CM-110

  • 2.1-channel system with high-quality sound and full frequency response
  • Custom-made speakers with protection circuit to handle input with wide dynamic range or continuous high levels (synthesizers, V-Drums?, etc.)
  • Flexible connectivity to handle electronic musical instruments such as V-Drums, keyboards, and stage pianos, as well as media-production gear, audio players, and home entertainment systems
  • 3-channel multimedia inputs, including digital, stereo miniature phone type, and RCA phono type
  • External mixer can be connected to the balanced input (XLR) for input expansion

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